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Who We Are

A visionary collective of professionals, driven by excellence. Our expertise shines in pioneering solutions, elevating the landscape and beyond.

Our Mission

To redefine engineering, crafting innovative solutions that merge creativity, expertise, and aesthetics to enrich communities.

Core Values

Innovation. Excellence. Synergy . Sustainability. Caring.


Delivering our clients more project clarity, greater insight, and reduced complexity.

Our Expertise

Consulting & Design

Elevating Infrastructure Excellence. Our multidisciplinary team specializes in Consulting and Design across various sectors, including Structural, Bridges and Buildings, Civil and Transportation. We turn vision into reality, bringing creativity and engineering precision to every project

Inspection & Rating

Unveiling Structural Integrity. With unwavering dedication, we excel in Inspection and Rating services. Explore our expertise in Bridge Inspection, Rating, Condition Assessment, and state-of-the-art Instrumentation and Testing. We ensure your structures are safe, reliable, and compliant.

Research & Testing

Innovating Through Knowledge. Our Research and Testing services include Applied Research and Development, Mathematical Modeling of Structures, and Demolition Analysis. We embrace the future by harnessing cutting-edge technology and insightful analysis, driving innovation in the field.

Our way


At HBM, sustainability is more than a concept; it’s ingrained in our way of doing business. We are committed to weaving sustainability into every aspect of our work, from design to construction and beyond.


Providing exceptional civil engineering services and insight from the start.

Building for the best.

To explore and go after new ways to build, we’ve gathered the people, innovations, and partnerships that can anticipate and overcome new challenges.
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Project in various industries

With nearly 22 years in business


We watch out for each other.

We want every employee and trade partner to feel that they are part of a common good and cohesive team. We help our teams form stronger relationships with trade partners by emphasizing people and teamwork over processes and checklists.

We redefine
what’s possible

Meet our leadership

Hayat Issa_HBM

Hayat Issa


“Guiding HBM with a legacy of over 28 years in the field of engineering, Hayat is our visionary President. With a wealth of experience in engineering management, project oversight, and client relations, she steers the ship with unwavering dedication. Hayat’s leadership ensures that every project we undertake is marked by precision and excellence. Her tireless commitment to our growth and success makes her an invaluable pillar of our team.”

Moussa Issa_HBM

Moussa Issa, PhD, PE, SE

Chief Structural Engineer

“My role is a testament to my passion for precision in structural design. Leading a dedicated team, we tackle diverse challenges, from Complex bridge design to rehabilitation. Our work isn’t just about engineering; it’s about forging connections and creating lasting impact.
At HBM, we’re committed to building a better, safer world. Our journey continues, and with it, our opportunities to contribute and make a difference.”

Joseph Glennon_HBM

Joseph Glennon, PE

Lead Civil Engineer

“From Chicago’s iconic tied-arch bridge to complex urban interchange designs, we’re not just building infrastructure; we’re shaping the future. Our commitment to excellence and unwavering focus on quality ensure that every project leaves a lasting impact, setting new benchmarks in the world of civil engineering.”

Robert Boro_HBM

Robert Boro, PE

Senior Project Manager

“Bob brings a wealth of expertise to HBM. He is dedicated to ensuring quality and safety in all our projects, meeting the stringent requirements of agencies like IDOT, CDOT, ISTHA, CTA, METRA, and local municipalities. His commitment to excellence is unwavering, and he takes pride in mentoring junior staff to deliver lasting impact in the field of engineering.”

Mahmoud Issa_HBM

Mahmoud Issa, PhD, PE

Senior Project Manager

“Envisioning the future of structural and civil engineering is what fuels my journey at HBM. With a dynamic team of engineers, we embark on diverse projects, from reimagining bridges to innovating building designs. Our mission is to engineer structures that not only withstand time but also pioneer a safer, more sustainable world through cutting-edge solutions and forward-thinking design.”

John Saraceno_HBM

John Saraceno, PE, SE

Senior Structural Engineer

“As a Senior Structural Engineer at HBM, I believe that our work positively influences our communities through safety and sustainability. In collaboration with our colleagues throughout the industry, we strive daily to ensure the success of our projects, to exceed the expectations of our clients and to provide safe, accessible infrastructure for the travelling public.”

Lisa Buntin_HBM

Lisa Buntin, PE, SE

Structural Project Engineer

“In the dynamic realm of civil engineering, I stand as a testament to the invaluable contributions of women in structural engineering. As a Senior Structural Engineer at HBM, I specialize in the design, analysis, and load rating of concrete and steel highway transportation structures. I represent not only technical excellence but also the strides women are making in the field. My mission is to ensure that every project I touch sets new standards for safety, innovation, and empower women in engineering.”

Mustafa Alobaidi_HBM

Mustafa Alobaidi, PE, SE

Structural Project Engineer

“Mustafa is the driving force behind structural excellence at HBM. With a keen eye for meticulous inspections and project management, he ensures the safety and reliability of transportation infrastructure. His diverse skills and expertise are a vital asset to our team, maintaining our commitment to engineering excellence.”

Ken Drabant_HBM

Ken Drabant, PE

Project Engineer

“Ken Drabant, a dynamic force in civil engineering, takes infrastructure design to new heights. Ken’s contributions extend beyond theory, as evidenced by his practical involvement in shaping innovative infrastructure, such as IDOT District 1’s modern 5-legged roundabout at Cumberland Circle. What sets him apart isn’t just technical proficiency—it’s his holistic project management approach. His meticulous contributions elevate engineering projects to new levels of excellence. Ken is not just an engineer, but a visionary creator who continually sets new industry benchmarks.”

Francisco Lopez, PE

Resident Engineer

Mr. Lopez brings over six years of experience to his role at HBM, where he excels in Construction Resident Engineering and Staff Structural Engineering. His expertise ensures meticulous construction inspection, documentation, and structural field inspections, all crucial for project success and safety compliance.

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