Moussa Issa_HBM

Moussa Issa, PhD, PE, SE

Chief Structural Engineer

Years at HBM:

20 Years

Years in the Industry:

38 Years

Licenses and Registrations:

Structural Engineer : Illinois
Professional Engineer: Illinois, Florida

Dr. Moussa Issa, co-founder of HBM Engineering Group in 2001, currently serves as the Chief Structural Engineer, where he leads our dedicated team of engineers in a diverse array of challenging assignments. His responsibilities encompass overseeing structural engineering projects, including the design of highway and railroad bridge replacements, bridge rehabilitations, inspections, construction oversight, building structural design, assessments, and various other facets of structural engineering. Dr. Issa’s profound expertise and exceptional leadership are paramount in ensuring the successful execution of these projects.

Dr. Issa brings a wealth of engineering knowledge to his role, with experience in structural design and analysis of bridge structures, personnel management, and an array of technical domains. His expertise encompasses bridge load testing (static and dynamic), seismic engineering, destructive and non-destructive testing of concrete and steel structures, applied research in structural and high-performance materials, bridge inspections, pre-stressed concrete, instrumentation, data acquisition, finite element analysis, and engineering mechanics.

Before co-founding HBM Engineering Group, Dr. Issa held the position of Chief Structural Engineer for T.Y. Lin International Great Lakes, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, where he oversaw all structural engineering projects, including design, rehabilitation, inspection, and rating of highway and railroad bridges.

During his tenure as a senior structural design engineer at the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Structures Design office, Dr. Issa played a vital role in supervising and assisting in the design, rating, and review of bridges. He also contributed to the development and revision of the Florida Structures Design Guidelines and Detailing Manual.

In his role as Project Manager, Dr. Issa took on numerous in-house and contract research projects conducted by several Florida universities for FDOT. His responsibilities encompassed planning, supervising, and evaluating project progress at each phase. These projects delved into critical areas such as bond and transfer length, cast-in-place concrete bonding, pile embedment, strength of repaired piles, grout pressure, expansion joints, time-dependent losses, thermal response of bridges, epoxy jointing of concrete segments, pile splicing, and linear/nonlinear modeling of bridges.

Dr. Issa’s passion for knowledge extends to academia, where he served as an Adjunct Professor at the FAMU-FSU College of Engineering and School of Architecture. He shared his expertise by teaching graduate and undergraduate courses in structural engineering.

Beyond the realm of academia, Dr. Issa is a published author of several technical reports and papers within his field. He also actively participates as a technical reviewer, contributing to the growth and advancement of structural engineering practices. Dr. Moussa Issa is a driving force in the world of structural engineering, steering HBM Engineering Group to new heights of excellence.