Mahmoud Issa_HBM

Mahmoud Issa, PhD, PE

Senior Project Manager

Years at HBM:

16 Years

Years in the Industry:

38 Years

Licenses and Registrations:

Professional Engineer: Illinois

Dr. Mahmoud Issa is a distinguished Senior Project Manager with a rich background in both structural and civil engineering, with a focus on bridges, railroads, and buildings. At HBM Engineering Group, he takes charge of a dedicated team of engineers, leading them through a myriad of projects related to structural design, rehabilitation, inspection, construction, and assessments. His expertise spans an impressive array of domains, encompassing highway and railroad bridge replacements, building structural design, and a host of other structural engineering tasks.

Dr. Issa’s knowledge extends across structural design and analysis of bridge structures, problem-solving in construction, bridge load testing and load rating, applied research in structural and high-performance materials, structural inspections, pre-stressed concrete, and intricate structural modeling using finite element analysis.

Before joining HBM Engineering Group, Dr. Issa served as an Associate/Senior Structural Engineer for T.Y. Lin International Great Lakes, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, where he directed a team of structural engineers. His responsibilities spanned numerous structural engineering projects, including the design of highway and railroad bridge replacements, bridge rehabilitations, inspections, construction oversight, building structural design, fracture critical inspections, and assessments. His role also involved resolving construction challenges and tackling all other aspects of structural engineering.

During his time as a Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), Dr. Issa shared his knowledge by teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in structural engineering. As part of an Illinois Department of Transportation-sponsored project, he conducted research on the “Structural Behavior of Full Depth Precast Panels for Bridge Deck Replacement,” which included field inspections of identified bridges.

Dr. Issa’s dedication to education extended to serving as a Full Lecturer for the Environmental Engineering Department of the Higher Institute of Technology in Brack, Alshati, Libya. In the capacity of Chief of the Technical Department on Planning and Construction, he was responsible for the planning, design, specifications, and construction supervision of new buildings and renovations on existing structures for the Higher Institute.

He is well-versed in various computer programs, including MDX, Lpile, SAP2000, Openbridge, Csi Bridge, and Midas.

Dr. Issa’s contributions extend to several publications in proceedings and refereed journals, along with presentations at professional and technical conventions. His dedication to the field of structural engineering is a cornerstone of HBM Engineering Group’s commitment to excellence and innovation.