Lisa Buntin_HBM

Lisa Buntin, PE, SE

Structural Project Engineer

Years at HBM:

14 Years

Years in the Industry:

14 Years

Licenses and Registrations:

Structural Engineer: Illinois
Professional Engineer: Illinois

Lisa Buntin, a seasoned Structural Project Engineer at HBM, stands at the forefront of the civil engineering world, specializing in the intricate realm of structural design and analysis. Her expertise delves into the core of concrete and steel highway transportation structures, where she masterfully handles the design, analysis, load rating, and inspection.

With precision, she engineers the very foundations of our transportation infrastructure, performing complex engineering designs and drawings that adhere to stringent structural and civil requirements. Her responsibilities extend to conducting biennial and fracture critical bridge inspections, vital to ensuring the safety and integrity of these critical structures.

Lisa is not merely limited to the theoretical aspects of structural engineering; she wields a profound technical acumen. Her command over advanced software such as SAP2000, and MicroStation is her toolkit for tackling the most intricate and challenging engineering problems.

In her role as a Structural Project Engineer, Lisa brings an unparalleled level of technical prowess to the field. She excels in design, analysis, load rating, and inspections for concrete and steel highway transportation structures. But her contribution transcends the technical realm; she also actively participates in project management, where she deftly coordinates and prepares preliminary and final engineering plans, specifications, and estimates.

Lisa’s proficiency extends to a variety of industry-standard software programs, including OpenRoad Designers, Microstation, CSI Bridge, Bridge Rating (BrR-Virtis), Mathcad, MDX, and Enercalc, allowing her to stay at the forefront of innovation in the civil engineering world.

In the complex world of civil engineering, Lisa A. Buntin’s expertise and technical excellence are indispensable. Her commitment to precision and innovation ensures the successful completion of projects, setting new benchmarks in the field.