Structural Engineering

Welcome to HBM’s Structural Engineering division, where we define our success by the strength, innovation, and longevity of our structures. Our commitment to excellence in structural engineering runs deep, and we are here to elevate your project’s vision to new heights.

Forging Structural Excellence for Timeless Success

At HBM, we don’t just design structures; we craft masterpieces built to withstand the test of time. Our team of dedicated structural engineers brings years of experience, a wealth of technical knowledge, and an unwavering dedication to quality. When you partner with HBM, you can expect nothing less than the highest degree of quality, safety, and innovation.

Empowering Your Structural Visions with Proven Expertise, Whatever the Challenge

Our Core Strengths:

1. Unparalleled Expertise

Our structural engineering team comprises industry experts who understand the science and art of building robust structures. We ensure that every project benefits from our accumulated knowledge, advanced techniques, and precise calculations.

2. Innovative Solutions

While we honor time-tested engineering principles, we never cease to seek groundbreaking solutions. HBM projects are the embodiment of smart, innovative, and collaborative construction practices that consistently surpass expectations.


HBM staff has the experience and qualifications needed to design, rehabilitate, repair, strengthen, widen, detail, and prepare construction documents for the following types of bridges (including wind and seismic design considerations):

  • Concrete Bridges: Flat Slab, Cast-in-place, Pre-cast, Prestressed, Post-tensioned
  • Steel Bridges: Steel: Plate, and Box Girder
  • Specialty Bridges: Complex, Movable, Railroad, Bike/Pedestrian
  • Box Culverts
  • Retaining Walls
  • Sheet Piling
  • Cofferdams
  • Foundations
  • Specialty Railings
  • Junction Chambers
  • Timber Structures
  • Overhead and Cantilever Sign Structures

Our IDOT Prequalifications for Structures are as follows:

  • Structures – Major River Bridges
  • Structures – Highway: Complex
  • Structures – Moveable
  • Structures – Railroad
  • Structures – Highway: Advanced Typical
  • Structures – Highway: Typical
  • Structures – Highway: Simple


HBM has completed many residential and commercial building designs and retrofits. Many of these projects are either through a public agencies or through a private entities such as Loyola University. Other types of projects include homeowners looking to renovate their homes which usually require structural type of work. Many of the commercial projects range from conversions of old warehouses into residential apartments to completely new building designs.

  • Structural Inspection: 
    Simple 2-story to high-rises.
  • Existing Building Evaluation
  • Rehabilitation and Modification
  • Residential/Commercial Building Design
  • Design Project Management
  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Quality Assurance

Quality is in our DNA at HBM. We’ve cultivated a culture of quality that is integrated into every aspect of our work. We believe in personal accountability, clear communication, robust problem-solving, and unwavering commitment to forging strong relationships. When you work with us, your expectations become our standards.

Harnessing Advanced Software and Precision

Discover how we seamlessly integrate cutting-edge software solutions, employ meticulous finite element analysis, and validate results through precise hand calculations to ensure your projects meet the highest standards of safety and performance