Hayat Issa_HBM

Hayat Issa


Years at HBM:

22 Years

Years in the Industry:

28 Years

With a career spanning over 28 years in the field of engineering, Hayat Issa stands as a trailblazer in engineering, engineering management, project management, and personnel development. Her journey began with the co-founding of HBM in 2001, where she has served as the President and Treasurer since its inception. Ms. Issa is the driving force behind the day-to-day operations and the growth of the company.

Her extensive experience encompasses a diverse range of responsibilities, including daily project management, supervision of production, field inspections, cost estimation, and the review of project documentation. She’s a master of engineering design using computer-aided software (CADD), ensuring precision and efficiency in our projects. Collaborating closely with clients and subconsultants, Hayat coordinates projects seamlessly, ensuring that HBM’s offerings align perfectly with client requirements.

Hayat’s impressive portfolio extends to project planning, contract negotiation, and the finalization of contract documents. She’s the guiding hand behind proposal reviews and the selection of subconsultants. Her role includes fostering client relationships, marketing HBM’s capabilities, and providing financial stewardship for the company.

Beyond her work at HBM, Hayat was the owner and manager of Hayat Engineering Consultants LLC, further honing her skills in company management and operations. Her journey also took her to roles where she excelled in the design and supervision of power substations and control panels, while simultaneously managing site inspections and workshops.

Hayat Issa’s unwavering dedication, wealth of experience, and leadership have been instrumental in the success and growth of HBM Engineering Group, LLC.