Ken Drabant_HBM

Ken Drabant, PE

Project Engineer

Years at HBM:

9 Years

Years in the Industry:

9 Years

Licenses and Registrations:

Professional Engineer: Illinois

Ken Drabant emerges as a distinguished Civil Engineer with an illustrious career spanning more than nine years, marked by remarkable expertise in various facets of civil and structural engineering. His primary focus lies in roadway and highway design, drainage and utility systems, maintenance of traffic plans, and erosion control design, all vital components of civil engineering for transportation projects.

Ken Drabant is an all-rounder in the field, demonstrating versatility and proficiency not only in civil transportation engineering but also bridge engineering. His extensive capabilities encompass not only  civil engineering but also bridge engineering, reinforcing his standing as an engineering polymath. Within the realm of civil transportation engineering, he shines as an expert in Maintenance of Traffic Plans, an area of paramount importance in ensuring the uninterrupted flow of transportation projects.

Ken’s contributions extend beyond the theoretical realm to the practical. His hands-on involvement in the design of IDOT District 1’s first modern 5-legged roundabout at Cumberland Circle in the City of Des Plaines is a testament to his ability to translate innovative concepts into tangible, transformative infrastructure.

Mr. Drabant is more than just a technical virtuoso; he is a dynamic problem-solver and a visionary creator who wields a toolbox of sophisticated software applications to bring his concepts to life. Among his armory are industry-standard tools such as Open Roads Designer, Microstation, Geopak, and ProjectWise administration. These instruments serve as extensions of his creative mind, shaping detailed construction drawings that are nothing short of exceptional.

What sets Mr. Drabant apart is not just his technical prowess but his holistic approach to project management. He is a multifaceted talent who actively engages in every facet of the project’s life cycle. From conception to execution, he maintains a vigilant eye for detail and a fervent commitment to the highest quality standards. It is through his meticulous contributions that engineering projects attain a level of distinction that elevates them above the ordinary.

Mr. Drabant’s career is an embodiment of unwavering dedication, relentless innovation, and an insatiable pursuit of excellence. His work is not just a vocation; it’s a mission to continually set new benchmarks in the field of civil engineering. His extensive background and multifaceted contributions make him an invaluable pillar of the industry, a name synonymous with triumph in the realm of engineering.