HBM Triumphs in IDOT PTB 210 Item 12: Northbound I-55 from East of Cicero Avenue to the Chinatown Feeder

HBM Engineering Group, LLC, proudly emerges victorious in the latest pursuit for the Illinois Department of Transportation’s (IDOT) PTB 210 Item 12 – a Phase II Project focusing on the enhancement of Northbound Interstate 55 (I-55) from East of Illinois Route 50 (Cicero Avenue) to the Chinatown Feeder. This significant win reinforces HBM’s commitment to delivering top-notch engineering services that contribute to the vital improvement of critical transportation corridors.

Winning Team:

Prime Consultant:
HBM Engineering Group, LLC

Accurate Group, Inc.
Aecom Technical Services, Inc.
HDR Engineering, Inc.
Transystems Corporation
Wang Engineering, Inc.
Wight And Company 

Additionally, HBM as a sub-consultant also becomes a part of three other firm’s winning pursuits, 

Item 07 – Various Phase I Projects, Various Routes, Various Counties, Region One/District One

Item 09 – I-55 from Wolf Road to West of Illinois Route 50 (Cicero Avenue) & I-55 Design Corridor Management, Phase II Project

Item 11 – Southbound I-55 from East of Illinois Route 50 (Cicero Avenue) to the Chinatown Feeder, Phase II Project

Northbound I-55: A Prime Achievement, Project Highlights:

The Phase II Project encompasses crucial improvements from East of Illinois Route 50 (Cicero Avenue) to the Chinatown Feeder, involving bridge repairs, deck overlays, joint repair and replacement, patching, resurfacing, lighting modernization, and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) enhancements.

The Northbound I-55 project involves the improvement of several bridge structures, each playing a crucial role in the I-55 corridor. Notable structures and their respective structure numbers (SNs) include:

  • S.N. 016-0022: I-55 Northbound over Kedzie Avenue
  • S.N. 016-0024: I-55 Northbound over California Avenue
  • S.N. 016-0028: I-55 Northbound over Lock Street
  • S.N. 016-0029: I-55 Northbound over Loomis Street and Fuller Street
  • S.N. 016-0030: I-55 Northbound over Throop Street
  • S.N. 016-0034: I-55 Northbound over Halsted Street
  • S.N. 016-0744: Pulaski Road over I-55 and Ramps
  • S.N. 016-1046: I-55 Northbound over dryland along W. 25th Place
  • S.N. 016-1058: I-55 Northbound over Western Avenue Viaduct
  • S.N. 016-1084: I-55 Northbound over Ashland Avenue Viaduct
  • S.N. 016-1086: I-55 Northbound over South Branch Chicago River
  • S.N. 016-2695: I-55 Northbound Ramp to I-90/94 Westbound over Throop Street
  • S.N. 016-2696: I-55 Northbound Ramp to I-90/94 Westbound over Archer Avenue and Quarry Street
  • S.N. 016-2697: I-55 Northbound Ramp to I-90/94 Westbound over Halsted Street
  • S.N. 016-2698: I-55 Northbound Ramp to I-90/94 Eastbound over Halsted Street
  • S.N. 016-2702: I-55 Northbound over Archer Avenue and Quarry Street

HBM Engineering Group looks ahead with confidence, leveraging its collective expertise, cutting-edge solutions, and collaborative partnerships to contribute significantly to the advancement of transportation infrastructure across Illinois.

HBM acknowledges the importance of collaboration and synergy in such comprehensive projects. The partnership with sub-consultants exemplifies the commitment to excellence, bringing together a wealth of expertise to ensure the success of the I-55 Rehabilitation endeavor.

Note: This press release is based on publicly available information as of the knowledge cutoff date in January 2024, and there may have been developments in the project or company since then.


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