Project Owner

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) District 1

Services Provided

Phase I/II Design Services


Des Plaines, IL

Year of Construction


Cumberland Circle (IL Rte. 58 at Wolf Rd) Roundabout Redesign


HBM Engineering Group, LLC spearheaded a transformative initiative, marking a significant milestone as the designer of the first modern 5-legged roundabout within Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) District 1. This groundbreaking project addressed the Cumberland Circle, a critical intersection located at the juncture of Illinois Route 58 and Wolf Road in the City of Des Plaines, Cook County. The endeavor was driven by a vision to revolutionize traffic management and safety at this pivotal junction and set new standards in transportation infrastructure design.

Five Legs of Cumberland Circle: The Cumberland Circle encompassed five distinct legs, each with its unique traffic considerations. These included:

  1. Southwest Illinois Route 58 Golf Road
  2. State Street (West)
  3. Wolf Road (North)
  4. East Illinois Route 58 Golf Road
  5. Broadway Street (South)


HBM’s Scope:

  • Roundabout Redesign
  • Roadway Design
  • Intersection Design Studies
  • Drainage Design
  • Maintenance of Traffic
  • Utilities Coordination
  • Lighting Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Geotechnical Analysis
Cumberland Circle_HBM

Cumberland Circle Redesign: The crux of the project centered on the comprehensive redesign of Cumberland Circle, with a primary focus on creating a modern, efficient, and safe roundabout. Importantly, all five legs of the circle were meticulously engineered to not only facilitate the flow of normal residential traffic but also to accommodate the passage of buses and trucks, aligning the infrastructure with the diverse and dynamic transportation demands of the region.

The existing traffic circle was situated amidst a mix of residential neighborhoods, a church, a school, parks, and commercial establishments. Moreover, the proximity of the Cumberland Station METRA train stop added a layer of complexity, resulting in a continuous influx of traffic throughout the day. Given the pivotal role of this intersection in the region’s transportation network, an intricate phasing plan was imperative for the project’s seamless execution.

Beyond enhancing traffic flow and safety, this project set a precedent for future infrastructure improvements in the district and demonstrated HBM’s dedication to fostering the well-being of the local community and ensuring the convenience of commuters in the area. This landmark achievement underscored HBM’s role as a trailblazer in transportation infrastructure design and construction.

Cumberland Circle_HBM

HBM's pioneering work in designing this first-of-its-kind modern 5-legged roundabout for IDOT District 1 was a testament to its innovative spirit and unwavering commitment to addressing complex transportation challenges.