Beyond Boundaries

HBM's path of progress

From the day it all started, we’ve been a company dedicated to asking one question: “Why not?” Our work to anticipate and overcome every challenge has rooted our values and vaulted us to the top of our industry.

Hayat Engineering Consultants, LLC was established

President Hayat A. Issa establishes Hayat Engineering Consultants, LLC, marking the inception of a design firm dedicated to providing top-tier engineering consultant services.


Evolution into HBM Engineering Group, LLC and Early Growth

The firm evolves into HBM Engineering Group, LLC, and expands its team to three professionals, setting up its headquarters at Hillside, Illinois, earning pre-qualifications with Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), marking a new chapter of innovation and growth.

HBM_Carbon FIber

Trailblazing in Advanced Composite Materials

HBM co-leads the development of standardized protocols for concrete repair processes and the implementation of carbon fiber materials, enhancing the structural integrity of bridges and buildings. Concurrently, HBM undertakes comprehensive structural evaluations and rehabilitation projects at the Corpus Christi Army Depot, showcasing its expertise in maintaining critical military infrastructure.


Certified as DBE & WBE firm, Commitment to Public Safety

HBM gains prequalification with the Capital Development Board (CDB) for Civil/Structure Engineer. HBM earns certification of Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) and Women-owned Business Enterprise (WBE) highlighting its commitment to diversity and inclusion. HBM also secured its first job as a sub-consultant with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT), embarking on a series of initiatives that involve bridge inspections, structural ratings, and the execution of emergency repairs, demonstrating its commitment to public safety and infrastructure reliability.


Workforce Expansion, Qualification Growth, and Office Expansion

The workforce at HBM expands to ten dedicated employees. The firm broadens its qualifications with IDOT, and notably, secures its first contract as a prime consultant in the initial phases of infrastructure development. This period is also marked by HBM’s increased involvement in design-build projects, which leverage advanced composite materials to restore and reinforce aging structures, coupled with the firm’s first expansion of its office space to better support its growing operations.

Jane-Byrne (Circle) Interchange_HBM

Doubling Staff Count, Involvement in Major Projects

HBM’s staff count doubles to 20. HBM’s reputation for excellence facilitates its involvement in leading projects and forming joint ventures with prominent state entities and city agencies. The firm also plays a pivotal role as a sub-consultant on major projects, providing indispensable support in field inspections, bridge load ratings, and the development of comprehensive civil, roadway, and structural plans. To support our growing team and meet increasing project demands, a second office space expansion is completed.


Achieving Complex Structures Pre-Qualification

With the firm achieving further pre-qualifications from IDOT, this time for Complex Structures, earning the distinction of being the First WBE/DBE firm in Illinois to achieve qualifications in Complex Structures.


Achieving Movable Bridge Pre-Qualification, Staff Growth, Commitment to Safety

The company’s continued success leads to a growth in staff to 25 and an expansion of its IDOT prequalification to include Movable Bridges, an accolade that once again underscores HBM as the First WBE/DBE firm with Movable Bridges prequalification in the state of Illinois. In this era, HBM grows further with its third office space expansion, highlighting its escalating presence in the market. During the COVID-19 pandemic, HBM’s teams undertook initiatives to keep its workers safe, both on job sites and in offices, over the course of an unimaginable year.


Celebrating 20 years of redefining what’s possible

HBM’s team surpasses the 30-employee milestone. The firm’s portfolio during this period is characterized by a series of complex roadway and bridge projects that employ advanced composite materials, instrumentation, and field load testing, reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry. In 2023, HBM celebrates its 20th anniversary, a significant milestone reflecting two decades of dedication, innovation, and industry leadership.

HBM Chicago

Chicago Office Expansion, Achieving Major River Bridge Pre-Qualification

HBM strategically expanded its presence in Chicago with a Second Office, reinforcing accessibility for clients and government engagement. The move showcased the firm’s adaptability to changing market dynamics. Simultaneously, yet again HBM achieved a landmark as the First DBE firm in Illinois to secure prequalification from IDOT for Major River Bridges, attaining the highest level and all available Structures qualifications. This recognition highlighted HBM’s exceptional expertise and commitment to excellence, setting a new standard for infrastructure projects and solidifying its pioneering leadership in the state.