Project Owner

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)
District 1

Services Provided

Phase II Design Services


Chicago, IL

Year of Construction


Kennedy Expressway (I-90/I-94) Bridge Rehabilitation Project

HBM Engineering Group led Phase II Engineering Services for the Northbound & Reversible I-90/94 Mainline Bridge Deck Overlay & Joint Repair and Roadway Pavement Patching Project. This transformative initiative, in IDOT Region 1, District One, aimed at rehabilitating critical bridges, ensuring their longevity and functionality.

I-90/I-94 Inbound (SB) – 23 Bridge
I-90/I-94 Reversible  – 21 Bridge
I-90/I-94 Outbound (NB) – 19 Bridge

Project efforts totaling approximately $150 million will include:

  • Repairs to 36 bridges between Ohio Street and the I-90/I-94 split
  • Pavement patching
  • Overhead sign-structure replacements
  • LED lighting upgrades
  • Installing new signage
  • Structural painting
  • Rehabilitation of the Reversible Lane Access Control (REVLAC) system, which supports traffic flow changes

HBM’s Scope:

  • Phase II Engineering Services:

    • Comprehensive initiative covering 19 bridges within the Northbound I-90/94 Mainline structures.
    • Meticulously produced plans, special provisions, and detailed construction estimates.
  • Maintenance of Traffic:

    • Implementation of strategic traffic management measures to minimize disruption and ensure safety during construction.
  • Pavement Patching:

    • Addressing complexities of patching needs between structures.
    • Ensuring seamless transition of new deck surfaces to existing pavement grade.
  • Sign Structure Replacement:

    • Replacement of existing sign structures and panels.
    • Contribution to enhancing roadway safety and efficiency.
  • Project Lifecycle Management:

    • Active management and administration of various project aspects.
    • Incorporation of findings from a Value Engineering Study.
    • Coordination meetings and preconstruction sessions.
  • Phase III Engineering Support:

    • Essential support, including addressing Requests for Information (RFIs) during the construction phase.
    • Continuous engagement for each RFI to ensure clarity and progress.

HBM’s Scope:

HBM’S Key Features

  • Focused on critical bridges like SN 016-0133 over Ashland Ave, SN 016-0135 over Division St, and SN 016-0111 over Kostner Ave.
  • Coordination with Graef’s Southbound team for PTB 195 Item 10.
  • Management of corridor responsibilities, ensuring seamless coordination between contracts.


  • Successful rehabilitation of critical bridges, ensuring prolonged functionality.
  • Effective coordination between contracts for optimal project execution.
  • Implementation of innovative traffic management strategies for minimal disruption.
  • Seamless integration of new deck surfaces with existing pavement grade.
  • Improved roadway safety and efficiency through the replacement of sign structures and panels.

Future Implications:

    • Enhanced infrastructure contributing to the efficiency and safety of Chicago’s transportation network.
    • Sustainable solutions implemented for the longevity of the rehabilitated bridges.
    • The project serves as a model for future transportation infrastructure initiatives, emphasizing comprehensive planning and execution.

HBM Engineering Group showcased its exceptional capabilities in corridor management throughout this expansive project. Effectively navigating the intricacies of coordinating multiple contracts, traffic management, and comprehensive engineering services, HBM ensured a harmonious and efficient project lifecycle. This project stands as a testament to HBM's prowess in overseeing complex corridor initiatives, contributing to the seamless functionality and longevity of Chicago's vital transportation network.