HBM celebrates Four Awards at ACEC-IL Gala: Named Medium Firm of the Year, Earns Two Project Awards, and Shines in Outstanding Graphics of the year

In an evening filled with recognition and applause, HBM Engineering Group made an indelible mark at the prestigious American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois (ACEC-IL) 2024 Gala Night, walking away with four distinguished awards. This remarkable achievement not only highlights HBM’s dedication to engineering excellence but also underscores the firm’s commitment to innovative and sustainable solutions in the infrastructure and engineering sectors.

2024 Medium Firm of the Year

Among the accolades, HBM Engineering was honored as the Medium Firm of the Year, a testament to the company’s outstanding service delivery, client satisfaction, and contribution to the engineering community. This award signifies HBM’s position as a leader in the industry, showcasing the firm’s ability to tackle complex challenges with expertise, creativity, and precision.

Special Achievement Award: Cumberland Circle Reconstruction to Modern Roundabout

The gala night saw HBM Engineering receiving the Special Achievement Award for the Cumberland Circle Reconstruction project. This project transformed the traditional traffic circle into a modern roundabout, enhancing safety, improving traffic flow, and promoting environmental sustainability. The award recognizes the project’s innovative design and HBM’s ability to deliver a solution that not only meets but exceeds community and stakeholder expectations.

Merit Award and 2024 Outstanding Graphics of the Year: I-39 over Kishwaukee River - Structural Evaluation

HBM’s prowess was further acknowledged with a Merit Award for the structural evaluation of the I-39 bridge over the Kishwaukee River. This project exemplified HBM’s technical expertise in assessing and ensuring the integrity and safety of critical infrastructure. Additionally, the project was also honored with the Outstanding Graphics of the Year award, celebrating the exceptional visual communication used to convey the project’s complexities and solutions to a broader audience. These awards highlight HBM’s commitment to excellence in both engineering and communication.

A Shining Mentor Among Us - Mahmoud Issa, Ph.D., P.E. became finalist for the 2024 ACEC Illinois Mentor of the Year Award.

In addition to our project and firm-wide successes, we are incredibly proud to highlight a special individual accolade within our team. Please join us in congratulating Mahmoud Issa, our esteemed Senior Project Manager, on his prestigious nomination for the 2024 ACEC Illinois Mentor of the Year Award. This nomination is a testament to Mahmoud’s dedication, expertise, and unwavering commitment to nurturing the next generation of engineers. His passion for sharing knowledge and fostering growth among young professionals is truly inspiring and exemplifies the core values of HBM Engineering.

These awards from ACEC-IL are not just accolades but a reflection of HBM Engineering's dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the engineering world. Each project HBM undertakes is approached with a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community impact. The Cumberland Circle Reconstruction, I-39 over Kishwaukee River Structural Evaluation, and the outstanding graphics that illustrated the latter's intricacies are prime examples of how HBM leverages technical expertise to solve real-world problems.

As we celebrate these achievements, we are reminded of the importance of engineering in shaping our world. It’s not just about structures and systems but about enhancing the quality of life for people and communities. HBM Engineering is proud to contribute to this mission and is deeply honored by the recognition received at the ACEC-IL Gala Night.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our dedicated team, our clients, and our partners for their trust and support. These awards are a collective achievement that motivates us to continue striving for excellence in every project we undertake. Together, we are building a better, more sustainable, and more innovative future.

Thank you to the American Council of Engineering Companies of Illinois for this esteemed recognition. We look forward to continuing our work with passion, integrity, and a commitment to excellence that these awards embody.

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I-39 over Kishwaukee River_HBM


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