HBM becomes First DBE Firm to Earn IDOT Prequalification for Structures: Major River Bridges

HBM Engineering Group proudly announces a groundbreaking achievement as it becomes the first Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) firm in the state of Illinois to earn the prestigious Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) Prequalification for Major River Bridges. This noteworthy accomplishment solidifies HBM’s position as a leader in the field and sets a new standard for small firms’ capabilities in the engineering landscape.

Navigating the Challenges of Long Span Structures

The IDOT Prequalification for Major River Bridges focuses on the design, major rehabilitation, and forensic investigation of long span structures. These structures, typically founded in deep moving water, boast spans greater than 350 feet, necessitating sophisticated analysis, design expertise, and knowledge of specialized construction techniques. The range of superstructure types includes steel plate girder, steel box girder and orthotropic, tied arch, concrete box girder, suspension, continuous/cantilever truss, and cable stay girders.

A History of Firsts for HBM

This achievement marks the third time HBM Engineering Group has made history by becoming the first firm to achieve prequalification standards. In 2018, HBM became the inaugural firm to achieve Structures: Complex, followed by another groundbreaking accomplishment in 2020 as the first firm to secure Structures: Movable Bridge. Now, in 2023 with the Structures: Major River Bridges prequalification, HBM cements its status as a trailblazer, showcasing the company’s dedication to excellence and innovation.

Sharing Competency with Large Firms

By earning the IDOT Prequalification for Major River Bridges, HBM Engineering Group is not only setting new benchmarks but also leveling the playing field. As the first DBE firm to achieve this distinction, HBM is now on par with large firms, demonstrating that excellence knows no size. This accomplishment opens doors to a broader range of opportunities and positions HBM as a formidable force in the engineering sector.

HBM Engineering Group looks forward to leveraging this achievement to contribute even more significantly to the advancement of engineering solutions in Illinois and beyond. The company remains committed to excellence, innovation, and setting new standards that inspire others in the field.

This milestone not only solidifies HBM's position as an industry leader but also paves the way for a future marked by continued innovation and groundbreaking accomplishments. Clients can expect HBM to deliver cutting-edge solutions and maintain a steadfast commitment to excellence, positioning the firm as a driving force in the evolution of engineering practices.


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