HBM wins IDOT PTB 207 Item 13- IDA B Wells Drive (Old Post Office to South Branch Chicago River), Phase II Project

HBM Engineering Group, is set to spearhead the Phase II Engineering Services for the transformative IDA B Wells Drive project. This initiative focuses on crucial enhancements to the bridges along IDA B Wells Drive, spanning from Clinton Street to the South Branch Chicago River. The extensive scope of improvements aims to fortify the infrastructure and contribute to the overall development of this vital corridor. The project demanded prequalifications -Highways (Freeways) and Structures (Highway: Complex), which were fullfilled by HBM as a Prime.

Winning Team:

Prime Consultant:
HBM Engineering Group, LLC

Accurate Group, Inc.
Ciorba Group, Inc.
GSG Consultants, Inc.
Stantec Consulting Services
STV Incorporated

Project Highlights:

The Complex Category Phase II project encompasses a range of engineering services dedicated to advancing the infrastructure along IDA B Wells Drive. Anticipated improvements include:

  1. Contract Plans, Specifications, and Estimates

  2. Lighting and Drainage Enhancements

  3. Sidewalk Replacement and Roadway Cross-Slope Correction

  4. Movable Bridge Overlay Replacement

  5. Structure-Specific Improvements:

    • Structure 016-0461: Reconstruction and replacement of the deck, superstructure, and substructure, including removal and replacement of barriers, median, deck drains, and expansion joints.
    • Structure 016-0462: Replacement of the full superstructure and all supporting concrete columns.
    • Structure 016-0460: Replacement of the superstructure and substructure, including interior pier bents.
    • Structure 016-2445: Polymer overlay replacement of the orthotropic deck of the IDA B Wells movable bridge over the South Branch Chicago River.
  6. Maintenance of Traffic Coordination

This project underscores HBM Engineering Group's commitment to innovation, sustainability, and community enhancement. As the prime consultant, the company is poised to lead a transformative endeavor that will leave a lasting impact on the infrastructure of IDA B Wells Drive.

Our approach ensures that the collective expertise and diverse skill sets of each team member are harnessed to their fullest potential. Through open communication, shared goals, and a dedication to innovation, the team aims to deliver a transformative project that not only meets but exceeds the expectations for the enhancement of IDA B Wells Drive. This collaborative synergy represents a cornerstone in the success of the project, emphasizing the power of teamwork in achieving engineering excellence.

Note: This press release is based on publicly available information as of the knowledge cutoff date in April 2023, and there may have been developments in the project or company since then.


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