Project Owner

Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)


Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT)

Services Provided

NBIS/Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection


Chicago, IL
Joliet, IL

Year of Inspection


Biennial Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection – IDOT


Movable Bridges over the Chicago River, Cook County, IL:

  1. Congress Parkway (S.N. 016-2445)
  2. Ohio Street (S.N. 0165-0202)

HBM’s design team conducted comprehensive biennial and fracture critical bridge inspections for two crucial movable bridges spanning the Chicago River. The assessments aimed to evaluate structural integrity, identify potential issues, and ensure the operational reliability of these vital transportation links.

Movable Bridges over the Des Plaines River, Will County, IL:

  1. Cass Street (S.N. 099-0101)
  2. Jefferson Street (S.N. 099-0166)
  3. Jackson Street (S.N. 099-0239)
  4. Ruby Street (S.N. 099-9901)
  5. Brandon Road (S.N. 099-9903)
  6. McDonough Street (S.N. 099-9904)

HBM’s design team extended its expertise to conduct biennial and fracture critical bridge inspections for six movable bridges situated over the Des Plaines River in Will County. The focus was on ensuring the structural soundness and functionality of these critical river crossings.

Mechanical and Electrical Bridge Inspection – Des Plaines River:

  1. Ruby Street (S.N. 099-9901)
  2. Jackson Street (S.N. 099-0239)

HBM’s design team performed specialized mechanical and electrical bridge inspections for the Ruby Street and Jackson Street bridges over the Des Plaines River. This included a meticulous examination of the mechanical and electrical components to ascertain their operational condition.

Truss Bridges in Cook County, IL:

  1. 127th Street over the Cal Sag Channel (S.N. 016-0570)
  2. Cicero Avenue over the Cal Sag Channel (S.N. 016-0421)
  3. Southwest Highway over the Cal Sag Channel (S.N. 016-0464)
  4. Torrence Avenue over the Grand Calumet River (SN 016-0934)

HBM’s design team conducted biennial and fracture critical bridge inspections for four truss bridges in Cook County. The assessments focused on these key structures, ensuring their continued safety and reliability.


HBM’s Scope:

  • NBIS Bridge Inspection
  • Biennial Fracture Critical Bridge Inspection
  • Mechanical & Electrical Inspection for Movable Bridges

HBM’s design team demonstrated a steadfast commitment to bridge safety through the systematic execution of biennial and fracture critical inspections. By meticulously assessing these diverse bridges, the project aimed to contribute to the overall safety and functionality of critical transportation infrastructure.

HBM Ensuring Bridge Integrity, Safeguarding Transportation Networks.