HBM wins IL Tollway PSB 22-1 Item 6 – IL 390 Rehabilitation -Phase II Engineering Services

HBM, a leading force in the engineering industry, proudly announces its recent triumph in securing the Phase II Engineering Services contract for the IL 390 Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation project. This significant win marks a crucial step forward for HBM in contributing to the enhancement and maintenance of vital infrastructure for the Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)  in DuPage County and Cook County, Illinois.

Winning Team:

Prime Consultant:
HBM Engineering Group, LLC

Sub Consultants:
Accurate Group, Inc.
Bowman Consulting Group, Ltd
Innleadair, LLC
Millenia Professional Services of Illinois, Ltd.

Project Overview:

The Illinois Tollway’s PSB 22-1 Item 6 focuses on the rehabilitation and preservation of the roadway and bridge structures along IL 390, spanning from M.P. 6.0 (Lake Street) to M.P. 11.2 (Meacham Road). The extensive Phase II Engineering Services include the preparation of contract drawings, specifications, and project-related permits to facilitate the proposed preservation and rehabilitation efforts.

HBM is a recognized leader in providing innovative engineering solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a focus on sustainability, HBM has a proven track record of successfully delivering projects that meet and exceed client expectations.

HBM acknowledges the importance of collaboration and synergy in such comprehensive projects. The partnership with sub-consultants exemplifies the commitment to excellence, bringing together a wealth of expertise to ensure the success of the IL 390 Rehabilitation endeavor.

Note: This press release is based on publicly available information as of the knowledge cutoff date in March 2022, and there may have been developments in the project or company since then.


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