Project Owner

Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT)


Alfred Benesch & Company

Services Provided

Phase I/II Design Services Structural Engineering


Chicago, IL

Year of Construction


Harrison Street Viaduct West of Chicago River, Phase I & II


The Harrison Street Viaduct, a critical transportation artery west of the Chicago River, is undergoing a comprehensive infrastructure improvement and rehabilitation initiative. This 22-span structure, marked by its intricate design featuring a concrete slab supported on steel stringers and cross girders, serves as a pivotal component of the urban landscape. With a length of approximately 776 feet and an overall deck width of 66 feet, this viaduct plays a vital role in facilitating efficient traffic flow and connectivity.

Phase I Preliminary Engineering Services: 
The initial phase of the project focused on fulfilling the stringent requirements set forth by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT). This phase included the meticulous preparation and approval of crucial preliminary engineering documents, such as the Project Development Report and TS&L Plans. The Project Development Report played a pivotal role in assessing the necessity and justification for the reconstruction of the viaduct.


HBM’s Scope:

Phase I Inspection/BCR (Bridge Condition Report):

    • A thorough review of existing documentation, including as-built plans, rehabilitation plans, shop drawings, and inspection reports.
    • Conducting a detailed field inspection to assess the structural condition of the 22-span viaduct.
    • Utilizing inspection findings to formulate rehabilitation and replacement options.
    • Compilation of the Bridge Condition Report (BCR), summarizing inspection outcomes and presenting definitive recommendations for the viaduct’s structural enhancement.
  • Phase II Engineering Services:

    • Commencing in January 2018, Phase II involves the intricate task of preparing comprehensive plans, specifications, and contract documents.
    • This phase is instrumental in translating the recommendations derived from the BCR into actionable engineering plans, ensuring that the viaduct meets and exceeds safety and functionality standards.

The overall project aims to ensure the continued safety, functionality, and longevity of the Harrison Street Viaduct, addressing structural considerations and meeting regulatory standards set by FHWA and IDOT. Through meticulous inspection, analysis, and engineering efforts, HBM is actively contributing to the enhancement of this vital transportation infrastructure.

HBM Engineering Group, LLC – Elevating the Harrison Street Viaduct West of the Chicago River with Expertise, Precision, and a Commitment to Sustainable Infrastructure.