Project Owner

Omega III, LLC


Omega III, LLC

Services Provided

Structural Engineering
Demolition Analysis and Procedure


Lake Forest, IL

Year of Demolition


ComEd Bridge #167 over W Deerpath Road – Demolition


HBM Engineering Group, LLC, engaged by Omega III, LLC, prepared a demolition plan for ComEd Bridge #167 in Lake Forest, Illinois. The bridge, located near an in-service railroad bridge, consists of a single span with a concrete deck and various steel components.

Bridge Overview:

  • Single-span structure with dimensions (Length: 50’-0”, Width: 31’-4”, Skew: 0 degrees).
  • Components include concrete deck, ballast, steel bedding, transverse floorbeams, built-up steel riveted plate girders, and W shape steel fascia beams with embedded arches.


HBM’s Scope:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Demolition Analysis & Procedure

Demolition Plan:

  • Field visit planned for structural steel verification due to limited accessibility.
  • Demolition includes ballast, deck, floorbeams, girders, abutments, and wingwalls within specified limits.
  • Safety measures outlined for utilities, road closure, and lead paint precautions.

Demolition Procedure:

  • General:

    • Safety protocols and utility checks.
    • Road closure with traffic detour.
    • Removal and disposal of concrete and steel debris.
    • Lead paint precautions and adherence to safety plans.
  • Deck Removal:

    • Excavator removal of ballast and pavement.
    • Field visit by HBM Engineering for structural steel verification.
    • Controlled removal with an 87K pound excavator.
    • Use of protective materials for road.
    • Concrete and parapet removal with torches and excavator.
  • Underside Concrete Encasement & Arch Removal:

    • Excavator removal of concrete encasement.
    • Arch removal with hydraulic equipment and girder cutting.
  • Floorbeam & Girder Removal:

    • Torch cutting and removal of existing floorbeams.
    • Girder removal using an 87K excavator and torches.
    • Detailed process for stability and safety.
  • Abutment / Wingwall Removal:

    • Hydraulic breaking of concrete below street level.
    • Precise removal respecting demolition plan limits.
    • Cleanup and removal of all material and equipment.

5. Equipment:

  1. 87K pound excavator (CAT 336).
  2. 40K loader.
  3. Skid steer.

6. Structural Analysis:

  • Load Factor analysis using MDX software.
  • As-built structure considered with floorbeams, bearings, stiffeners, and cover plates.
  • Adequacy confirmed for 87-kip excavator, with specific details on dead load assumptions.

The demolition plan and structural analysis ensure the safe and efficient removal of ComEd Bridge #167. Adherence to safety protocols and precise execution will pave the way for subsequent construction developments. Successful completion will contribute to improved infrastructure and safety in the Lake Forest area.