Maria Issa, MBA

Administrative Assistant

Years at HBM:

5 Years

Years in the Industry:

5 Years

Maria Issa is a seasoned Administrative Assistant with a wealth of experience in project management. Her proficiency extends to various critical aspects of project administration, including project budgeting, meticulous documentation, accounting tasks, invoicing, responding to RFQs (requests for quotations), and the preparation of comprehensive cost proposals. Within the administrative landscape, Ms. Issa stands out as a reliable and skilled professional, offering indispensable support to the operational efficiency of HBM Engineering Group.

In her role at HBM Engineering Group LLC in Hillside, IL, Ms. Issa plays a pivotal part in the day-to-day operations of both engineers and management. Her responsibilities cover a broad spectrum, ranging from aiding in the preparation of tax forms and overhead rate calculations to actively contributing to the creation of cost proposals and statements of interest.

Ms. Issa brings her organizational acumen to the fore by efficiently creating invoices tailored to diverse projects and entering essential project data into the BillQuick system. She also plays a crucial role in generating budget reports, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of the financial landscape across various projects.

Her involvement extends to critical financial tasks, including payroll management, bank reconciliation, bill processing, credit card charge entries, invoice entries, and recording received payments in QuickBooks. Through her meticulous approach, Ms. Issa ensures accurate and organized financial records, facilitating seamless financial operations.

Furthermore, she takes charge of documenting and filing projects, ensuring that information is systematically organized for efficient retrieval and management. Ms. Issa’s attention to detail, coupled with her proactive approach, makes her an essential member of the administrative team, contributing significantly to the overall success of HBM Engineering Group.