Dan Abraham_HBM

Dan Abraham, PE

Senior Civil Engineer

Years at HBM:

15 Years

Years in the Industry:

38 Years

Licenses and Registrations:

Professional Engineer: Illinois

With over 38 years of diverse engineering experience, Dan Abraham is a seasoned Civil Engineer and Surveyor. His expertise spans numerous engineering domains, encompassing transportation, hydrology, hydraulics, water and sanitary systems, municipal and industrial projects, environmental engineering, power generation, petrochemicals, and telecommunications. In his role, he adeptly employs modern engineering software, Microstation, and manual calculations for analysis and design.

Throughout his career, Dan has held pivotal positions, including serving as a Resident Engineer/Inspector for the City of Chicago’s Department of Water Management on a city-wide water system improvement project, as well as contributing to downtown improvement projects for the City of Evanston. His consultancy work in the Infrastructure sector involved marketing, management, and the preparation of studies, engineering designs, permitting, utilities, and quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) for various projects.

His vast knowledge and extensive experience make him an invaluable asset at HBM Engineering Group, where he leverages his technical acumen, project management skills, and marketing expertise to drive the successful completion of engineering projects. In his previous roles, Dan also served as a Senior Drainage Engineer for T.Y. Lin International Great Lakes, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, and worked as a Transmission & Distribution Consultant for Sargent & Lundy in the Power Plant sector. He contributed his expertise to Fluor Corporation, a leading USA firm specializing in Industrial, Power, Petrochemical, Transportation, Environmental, and Construction projects. Dan has also worked with municipal engineering and governmental bodies in Odessa and Midland, Texas.

Throughout his tenure at HBM Engineering LLC, Dan has been involved in a variety of projects for agencies such as ISTHA, IDOT, CDOT, and more. His roles encompassed project civil and drainage engineering, including tasks related to Phase I, II, and III projects. He has calculated roadway geometry, profiles, conducted drainage calculations, prepared plans and specifications, estimated project timelines and construction costs, and secured permits from agencies like the Army Corps of Engineers, IDNR-OWR, IEPA, MWRDGC, and others. He has also been involved in surveying, CADD work, field inspections, and the preparation of BCRs. Dan’s expertise extends to inlet spacing calculations, storm sewer analysis, and detention volumes, and he is well-versed in utilities relocation and construction.

Dan Abraham’s career is a testament to his profound impact on engineering projects across various sectors, and his multidisciplinary skills are a driving force behind his contributions to the field.