Alain Saroufim, Ph.D.

Staff Structural Engineer

Years at HBM:

1 Year

Years in the Industry:

1 Years

Dr. Alain Saroufim, a recent addition to HBM Engineering Group’s Structural Department, brings a wealth of expertise in structural design, analysis, and materials research. His career has been marked by significant contributions during his Ph.D. years at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) and beyond.

As a Graduate Research Engineer and Teaching Assistant at UIC, Dr. Saroufim played a pivotal role in various areas, including bridge design, advanced concrete design, and structural analysis. His involvement in full-scale Proof Load Testing for IDOT projects and exploring innovative materials like Basalt Fiber Reinforcement Polymer bars for Illinois Tollway showcases his commitment to advancing structural engineering practices.

Dr. Saroufim’s contributions extend to Finite Element Analysis, where he assessed structural performance, efficiency of rehabilitation methods for old bridges, and damage evolution. His introduction of Modified Compression Field Theory in bridge shear assessment and expertise in bridge load testing and rating align with the highest industry standards.

Beyond academia, Dr. Saroufim’s professional journey includes grant proposal writing, presenting technical insights to industry experts and conferences nationwide, and authoring numerous publications. His exceptional communication, management abilities, and exposure to diverse areas underscore his innovative thinking and strong problem-solving skills.

At HBM Engineering Group, Dr. Saroufim is poised to provide invaluable assistance in general engineering designs, construction drawings, and field inspections, reinforcing the company’s commitment to excellence in structural engineering.