Ahmad Issa_HBM

Ahmad Issa

IT/CADD Manager

Years at HBM:

11 Years

Years in the Industry:

15 Years

Ahmad M. Issa is a seasoned IT/CADD Manager with over 15 years of extensive experience in the realms of computer science, information technology, and Microstation & OpenRoads Designer production and support. In his role, Mr. Issa holds a pivotal position in the planning and execution of general project strategies involving Microstation and OpenRoads Designer. His skill set extends beyond IT operations, encompassing software and client account management, digital documentation administration, policy and program development, software training, networking, Projectwise administration, and adept troubleshooting of technical challenges.

Mr. Issa’s professional repertoire is marked by his invaluable contributions to the project design process. He excels in the preparation of CAD engineering drawings, base sheets, plans, and specifications, ensuring precision and efficiency. His proficiency extends to a wide array of software tools, including Microstation, OpenRoads Designer, Autocad, Mathcad, Windows Server, Software Virtualization, Software Licensing, and proficiency in various programming and scripting languages.

With a wealth of knowledge and expertise, Mr. Issa stands as an indispensable asset to any team or project that demands a keen understanding of computer science, information technology, and Microstation & OpenRoads Designer support. His 15 years of experience underline his commitment to delivering excellence in every facet of his work, making him an integral part of the HBM Engineering Group, LLC team.