Project Owner

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)


TranSystems Corporation,
Hanson Professional Services, Inc.

Services Provided

Phase II Design Services
Structural Engineering
Civil/Transportation Engineering


I-294 (I-55 Ramps to Ogden Ave.)

Year of Construction


Tri-State Tollway, Roadway Reconstruction, I-55 Ramps (M.P. 24.1) to Ogden Avenue (M.P. 27.8). Phase II Engineering Services.


HBM Engineering Group, LLC played a crucial role in the Phase II Engineering Services for the comprehensive reconstruction of the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) segment between the I-55 Ramps (M.P. 24.1) and Ogden Avenue (M.P. 27.8). The project aimed at a holistic enhancement of the roadway infrastructure, encompassing various elements such as bridges, retaining walls, noise walls, drainage structures, and other vital component. 

HBM’s Scope:

  • 23 performance-based Noise Abatement Walls
  • 9 Retaining Walls
  • 3 Culverts Design at I-294 at Water Crossings
  • Relocation/Replacement of FCWRD Sanitary Sewer.
  • Assist with Maintenance of Traffic.

Overall Project Scope of Work:

The scope of work covered the following aspects:

  1. Roadway Design and Reconstruction: Comprehensive reconstruction of the Tri-State Tollway, addressing design enhancements, pavement markings, signage, and barrier warrant analysis.

  2. Bridge Rehabilitation: Reconstruction and rehabilitation of existing bridges along the specified stretch, ensuring structural integrity and compliance with updated standards.

  3. Retaining and Noise Wall Design:

    • Design and plan preparation for advanced noise and retaining walls in designated sections (MP 24.1 to MP 26.4 and MP 26.4 to MP 27.8).
    • Assistance in developing general Noise Abatement Wall detail sheets and supplemental section views.
  4. Drainage System Enhancement: Design and plan preparation for new drainage structures and modifications to the existing drainage system to optimize water management.

  5. Erosion Control and Landscape Design:

    • Implementation of erosion control measures for all construction zones.
    • Design of appropriate landscape features to enhance aesthetics and environmental sustainability.
  6. Maintenance of Traffic: Development of effective Maintenance of Traffic Plans to ensure smooth traffic flow during the construction phase.

  7. Utility Protection and Relocation: Coordination for the protection and relocation of utilities affected by the reconstruction activities..


HBM’s Project Highlights:

  • HBM actively contributed to the advancement of noise and retaining walls, culverts, and utility-related tasks across specific construction packages.
  • The Concept Verification Phase services included a thorough examination of Phase I data, culvert inspections, and detailed technical memoranda, ensuring a robust foundation for subsequent phases.
  • Review of Phase I information, culvert inspection, and Tech Memo for various water crossings.
  • Inspection and Tech Memo for existing retaining walls slated for retention.
  • Review of existing reports on retaining and noise walls from Phase I.
  • Overall assistance in the project QAQC for the structures discipline

This project underscores HBM's commitment to delivering excellence in engineering services, ensuring the longevity, safety, and efficiency of critical infrastructure on the Tri-State Tollway.