Project Owner

Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)


Harry O. Hefter Associate, Inc. (HOH)

Services Provided

Phase II Engineering- Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation


Tri-State Tollway Mile Post 40.0 (Balmoral Ave) to Mile Post 52.9 (Lake Cook Road)

Year of Construction


Tri-State Tollway, Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation, M.P. 40.0 (Balmoral Ave) to M.P. 52.9 (Lake Cook Road). Phase II Engineering Services.


Description of Project:

HBM played a pivotal role in the comprehensive Pavement and Structural Preservation and Rehabilitation project along a 13-mile stretch of the Tri-State Tollway, spanning from Balmoral Ave. (Mile Post 40.0) to Lake Cook Road (Mile Post 52.9). The project, identified as PSB 17-3 Item 33, aimed at ensuring the longevity, safety, and structural integrity of vital bridges, retaining walls, and noise walls within the specified corridor.

Scope of Work:

HBM’s scope of work included Phase II field inspections, Bridge Condition Report (BCR) preparation, and the meticulous development of final plans, specifications, and contract documents for a range of structures, both bridges, and walls, across the designated stretch. This work was performed in collaboration with HOH, serving as a sub-consultant.


HBM’s Scope:

List of Structures:


  1. BN 301/302: NB/SB I-294 over River Road
  2. BN 305/306: NB/SB I-294 over Des Plaines River
  3. BN 307/308: NB/SB I-294 over Oakton St.
  4. BN 364B: Eastbound I-190 over I-294
  5. BN 367/368: NB/SB I-294 over I-90
  6. BN 369: SB Southeast I-90 Ramp B (Tri-Level Bridge) over I-294
  7. BN 370: NB Northwest I-90 Ramp D (Tri-Level Bridge) over I-294
  8. BN 371/372: NB/SB I-294 over Higgins Road
  9. BN 373/374: NB/SB I-294 over Devon Ave

Retaining/Noise Walls:

  1. Retaining Wall TS41.01R, NB: MSE Concrete (M.P. 41.01 to M.P. 41.10)
  2. Retaining Wall TS41.80R, NB R: MSE Concrete (M.P. 41.80 to M.P. 42.00)
  3. Retaining Wall TS43.25R, NB: MSE Concrete (M.P.43.25 to M.P. 43.30)
  4. Noise Wall TS42.70R, NB: Steel Post and Concrete Panel Wall (M.P. 42.70 to M.P.43.20)
  5. Noise Wall TS43.55R, NB(R): Steel Post and Concrete Panel Wall (M.P. 43.55 to M.P. 43.75)

Key Project Activities:

  • Bridge Rehabilitation: HBM conducted detailed inspections, BCR preparation, and rehabilitation design plans for bridges with identified preservation needs, ensuring compliance with Tollway recommendations.
  • Retaining/Noise Walls: Development of structural plans, specifications, and estimates for various retaining and noise walls, employing materials such as MSE Concrete and Steel Post with Concrete Panel Walls.
This project underscores HBM’s commitment to enhancing infrastructure resilience and safety, contributing significantly to the long-term preservation of critical structures along the Tri-State Tollway corridor.

The collaborative effort with HOH and the meticulous attention to each structure's unique requirements demonstrate HBM's expertise in delivering comprehensive and effective preservation and rehabilitation solutions.