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Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)


Illinois State Toll Highway Authority (ISTHA)

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Phase II Design Services


Illinois Tollway Systemwide

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Systemwide Design Services Upon Request (DUR). On-call and as-needed Phase II Engineering

HBM Engineering Group, LLC undertook a comprehensive Systemwide Design Upon Request (DUR) project for the Illinois Tollway, encompassing a diverse range of tasks aimed at enhancing the infrastructure and operational efficiency of the tollway system. Comprising a total of nine tasks, this undertaking addressed critical elements such as drainage system maintenance, noise wall reconstruction, bridge widening, and curb repairs at various oases along the tollway.


Tasks Performed:

  1. Clean and Televise Drainage System I-88 (Mile Post 117.70 to Mile Post 123.40): HBM provided Phase II engineering services, delivering construction documents and environmental documentation for the cleaning and televising of the drainage system along I-88. This included erosion control measures, site restoration plans, staging, and maintenance of traffic details.

  2. Clean and Televise Drainage System I-94 (Mile Post 21.8 to Mile Post 25.2): Similar to Task 1, HBM’s services extended to the cleaning and televising of the drainage system along I-94, addressing structures, pipes, and culverts, with a focus on environmental documentation and erosion control.

  3. Tri-State Tollway Noise Wall Reconstruction: SB I-294 over Central Road to Mile Post 46.1, NB I-294 North of Ballard Road at Mile Post 44.9: Task 3 involved the reconstruction of noise abatement walls along the Tri-State Tollway, necessitating detailed plan and profile layout, foundation and connection details, drainage system modifications, erosion control measures, barrier warrant analysis, and comprehensive design considerations for bridge-mounted noise abatement walls.

  4. Systemwide Oasis Curb Repair: HBM executed Phase II engineering services for all Tollway Oases, focusing on the preparation of contract plans, specifications, and estimates for curb repair, patching, and drainage structure adjustments. The Lincoln, Hinsdale, O’Hare, Lake Forest, Belvidere, and DeKalb Oases received attention, encompassing repair of curb and/or curb and gutter, pavement patching, drainage structure adjustments, and associated restoration.

  5. RR-16-4276 Tasks 6 thru 9: HBM extended its Phase II Engineering services to address various engineering tasks for the Tollway, broadening the scope of its contributions beyond the aforementioned tasks. The specifics of these tasks were not explicitly outlined, but they formed an integral part of the comprehensive Systemwide Design Upon Request initiative.


HBM’s Scope:

HBM’s involvement in this project demonstrated a holistic approach to infrastructure improvement, incorporating rigorous engineering services for drainage system maintenance, noise abatement wall reconstruction, and oasis curb repairs. The provision of Phase II engineering services, encompassing the preparation of detailed contract plans, specifications, and estimates, showcased HBM’s commitment to delivering comprehensive solutions for the enhancement of Illinois Tollway’s infrastructure.

Throughout the project, HBM managed multiple subconsultants, facilitated seamless communication through platforms such as e-builder and Bluebeam, and actively participated in coordination meetings, pre-bid sessions, and support functions. The environmental considerations, including the development of ESIS Part 1 and 2 documentation, RP-9 permit for USACE, and environmental permits, highlighted HBM’s commitment to sustainability and regulatory compliance.

The Systemwide Design Upon Request initiative underscored HBM Engineering Group's capability to manage diverse engineering challenges and contribute meaningfully to the improvement of critical transportation infrastructure within the Illinois Tollway system.